Friday, 7 December 2012

10th Asia Pacific Conference Human Genetics

So grateful that Kian Zhoe has a chance to take part in this big event on 6/12/2012 at Crowne Plaza Mutiara.  They are about 300 genetic doctors from Malaysia as well as from other countries. Before that, this group of children have to be trained and practiced before the actual day.  Ms Anna of MRDS was participated a lot in helping them.  Thanked God for everything going smoothly.

The actual day, Kian Zhoe is having a bad flu and cough.  However, he was really tried his best to perform.  I am very proud of him.  Touched when see him each time i played this video.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Wonderful Award Day..

11/11/2012 was the great award day..a competition for the gospel movies..we took this opportunity to share God's gospel to all over the places..It was a meaningful experience especially we asked our friends in Facebook to watch and LIKE the movie..Nick had a chance to take part in one of the character..he acted as a father..This movie is touching and last for 7 minutes only..I never thought he won the prize for that..he really done his best in it and most of the brothers and sisters said he deserved with this prize..Praised The Lord!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Wa..long time never write anything on my blog..time flies and now is entering to the end of the year..Anyhow, life is still keep going on and changing..It is challenging all the while.  One thing always in my mind is no matter how bad or good of the situation, it will be over..That's why we need to look forward..Always need to be thankful for every single things that we have in our life. 

I am here to share my happiness with my family (Morib Trip)..

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Worship Team in Kepong

Glad to be part of them to serve God together..this Saturday dress code was with excited for that..i purposely wanted to take these photos for my remembrance.  This is only part of the worship team to serve in this Saturday.  Happy to learn with the young people together.  They are fun, cute, naughty and many many more..Sometimes, may find difficult to click with them but just join with my heart..Appreciate the moments can serve together.  God Bless You!

from the left front, janice, meiling, zoey,lifen,darren and the back row raymond and glenn....

a young sis, lifen...

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Father's Day on 17/6/2012

Thanked God that Kian Zhoe has a chance to perform in the Subang Jaya Lifepoint Church on the Father's Day.  He sings in a group.  I just got it last minutes that he requires to wear a long white pants and his teacher, Brian thoughts that Kian Zhoe has a white pants...Luckily, Kian Zhoe's Kai Ma (aunty marney) look for the white pants for him(wearing in the video)...although its big but still look fit and nice with him.  This cute Kian Zhoe also promised to Kai Ma that he will stand and not move around on the stage while perform.  Thanked God that he keeps his promises la...We also thanked Wai Kin, Kian Zhoe's friend who stand beside him on the stage.  He told me that " aunty, don't worry, i will hold Kian Zhoe's hand" touching and caring with his words..

He actually perform 3 rounds in different services in the same my video record, he performed the best in the 2nd round.  He was very happy and excited. The Pastor also gave presents to each of the children.  There will be 10 in the singing group.  They sang two songs.  ( me the way, 2.amazing grace). They are inspire to all people with their life.  The had tried the best to perform the songs.  They received big claps, shake hands and even the Pastor share about the Intellectually Challenged people also can give good testimony to the world.  It was a touching sharing.  At the end of the services, they were many people came in front to shake hands and encouraged them.  Good experience.  We also thanked Kian Zhoe's Teacher, Brian who teaches them with a heart.    

Friday, 25 May 2012

Little Cute Bear Heads

First of all, we would like to thank all your supports on the clay magnets for the Dad's and Mum's Day..We are very appreciated it.. For your information, you all still can continue to order the Bears, Rabbits and hearts as gifts for any functions and parties..Kian Zhoe will write on the clay according to your words given, it is changeable and flexible..Thanked God for that the orders are keep coming in..

To keep you updates, there is a new coming now - Little Cute Bear Heads which is in Red, Pink, Orange and Light Green with different faces' expressions..Below are the sample pictures, price RM2 each..please sms or call me at 0123963989 or message me in Facebook for orders, i will sure respond you as soon as i can..Thank you again and God Bless. : )

Trip with St Paul 21/5 to 23/5/2012

Kian Zhoe was just back from a trip with the St' Paul DTC group.  He went to Starfresh Echo Park in Seremban with the teachers and students.  From the conversation with him, i can understand about what were the things happen in St' Paul.  He said he went out on his own at the midnight to find the toilet for the big business.  Teacher was sleeping at that time and he didn't wake up the teacher at all for helping him to go toilet.  He got up and open the door then he went outside.  He walked slowly down to the staircase and find the toilet.  From his description that he was stomachache and finally he found a toilet which only squat down and no toilet paper.  I believed he cant find it la..  Later on, after the business, he lost his way back to the room.  Thanked God that there was a uncle passed by and brought him back to the room and the teacher woke up and noticed that, the time was at 2am in the morning.  I was so curious who is this uncle? Good uncle? Anything he had done for Kian Zhoe?  Kian Zhoe told me that this uncle was teaching them coloring and painting during the session,english speaking and good uncle.. as what teacher told me that there was a worker brought him back to the room..Wow, such a great experience for him..From here, i must teach him to call teacher whenever he go..A Great Lesson for teacher and students..this time he shared more if compare to last year..