Friday, 23 December 2011

Kian Zhoe Singing Jingle Bell

I am get ready to go Christmas Party lo....

We just back from Church Christmas Party and Kian Zhoe had done his performance...
Thanked God that he can performed well...

Here is the video recorded..
You must watch it until finish because he did very well in his ending...Thank you for your time of watching:)

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Kian Zhoe Making his Tang Yuan 2011...


Today Kian Zhoe and I were making Tang Yuan for the Year 2011...

It is actually the Chinese family will get together to make Tang Yuan for the celebration end of the Year(Harvesting) and to welcome the New Year(2012)...

Although it is just a simple making and cooking, but it can really cherish a fun and happy moments together..
Initially Kian Zhoe was unable to roll the Tang Yuan to a round shape(snow balls), after few times of trying, he was getting better and better...

A Video showing how is he doing the Tang Yuan
and handsome(dog)is barking as a background of sound effect,haha..

He is so paying attention of rolling it...

Done by kian zhoe and mummy,..

This plate was done by Kian Zhoe, i didn't help him at all...Well done!!

Wait for boiling with brown sugar....

I can start to eat now....^^

Taste Good!!!  Do u want to try?? 
Kian Zhoe here to wish u A Happy Dong Zhi And
A Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

I am here to sing for you...

This is the song for William Syndrome from me..i haven't get friends to make the sound track on it..
Received good responds from few close friends and relatives and they want to hear the song melody, and above here to sing for you without the music playing..hope u like it.
Life is a song, Love is the lyrics...
Just listen with your heart, and you will have a better feel of it!!
Thank you...^^  

My Life (Lyrics)

A happy always on my face
A beautiful heart to show my love
Be strong and brave always in me
And these give courage all around

I need your love to lead my life
I need your patience to show my ways
You are with me side by side
And this made me never feel alone

I can feel there are angel's wings
Carrying me through all challenges
Although it is hard, I believe I can
For a better future

When I'm afraid to go on my way
My heart wishes you come nearer
Give me a hand, hold me tight
For the brighter future...