Thursday, 19 April 2012

Oders from Supportives

Thank you for the support orders from friends and family members..emm, the business had a good start and we are looking forward for this..

In the process, we also received orders for them to do charities..what a wonderful idea that my son could do this through the supportive..

We will keep going...

This time we will have 13 deals..out of my expectation and it is good..: )

Friday, 13 April 2012

Magnet Clay Artwork for Mother's and Father's day

Kian Zhoe is now doing the magnet clay artwork at home.  These clay magnets are done according to his abilities.  The jobs of mould, paint and write are all done by him.  It is not easy for him actually.  He took quite sometimes to finish one especially the painting and writing portion.  I got to oversee his works one by one.  In the process of doing it, he made a lot of mistakes..such as not enough space for writing the words on the clay, he colors too hard until broke, accidentally draw 3 eyes for the bear and many many more...But we are very excited when jobs done..and he is now more careful in his coloring and writing..

It is suitable for any events, functions or parties for magnet clay artworks.  If you want to make orders, we can contactable at 012-3963989..We are very grateful that currently had received some orders and it is a good motivation and encouragements for him.  If you want to support us in bulks (big quantity), please give us time in advance...

Hey!  It is a good news for all that we are doing an introduction price for this time because we want to bless more families with this..RM2 for small bear and RM3 for big bear..We guarantee you can't find as good price as this.. roll, mould, paint, write are all done by his hand one by one..fully an handmade products, no machine and no spray paints for that..for the chemical clear spray and glue sticking portion, mummy will be involved.

Not only that, he also encouraging me as well because of his willingness and participative of doing it.. i am thinking to come out some ideas that can suit him based on his abilities for other household decoration things by using the clay too...will give you updates all the times if there is any new designs/products come out from him...,we believed God will make a way for him!:)
Kian Zhoe is happy with his handmade cute little bears,rabbits and hearts...
This is a big bear...RM3 each

Small Brown bears and rabbits...RM2 each

Yellow bears, rabbits and hearts...

white bears, rabbits and hearts...
There are 30 bears,rabbits and hearts are in packing now which had ordered by somebody..we still can do another 30 more, please make order to support KZ Clay Artwork and keep one for your collection..before i forgot, you can visit his video and photos of the process at the Home Program for Kian Zhoe in this blog as well..thank you.:)

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Kian Zhoe drum class...

Kian Zhoe likes any music and songs..he likes the dung li huo che the most..if you happen to sit with us in car, he sure will on the dung li huo che's cd to listen all the times..Frankly speaking, i am not like the singer because it is so rock..but he likes it..

Meiling, a new drum teacher for Kian Zhoe also realize that he can plays drum well with fast songs. Below is the video showing how she is patiently teaching and carrying him along during the lesson..She is an angel as well in Kian Zhoe's life..i'm very understand that teaching special child a skill to play drum is not easy at all...we as a parent are really solute her..We know that she loves Kian Zhoe, a special child..We give u both big big claps!:)

Monday, 2 April 2012

Making A Picture Magnet...

These few days Kian Zhoe and i were making some bear magnets..It's a very fun time for us ^^...

We are very enjoy from the process that we bought the paper clay, colors and some stationery needed to prepare until the finished products..
At first, i have an idea of this for making a gift for A Special Family(friend) that we loved very much...during the making process, Kian Zhoe is happy to prepare all those.  He involved in moulding, coloring and writing..Almost all are done by him.  I am very satisfied when i see all those cute bears done by him and actually he can do it.  It is a simple, nice and have his own character.,especially his handwriting for the encouraging words..

From this clay making, i learn and understand on how to make him better to do this independently..One of the problems i came across is, his hand eye coordination is not so good like the normal children which can twist and turn to color especially to color the bottom side of the bear..after so many trials and errors, finally a lower chair can able to solve his problem and help him better to finish the product on his own..:)

Besides that, i also bought many brands of paper clay for him to try it because some are too soft and hard for him,..and this make him difficult to mould..finally one of the brand can suit hm well..
Kian Zhoe is making the bear from the mould..
He is pressing hard the mould to get the nice bear out..

The bear is successful making and he is taking out slowly..

Wait until the bear dry for one day, the next day, he is starting to color the bear..

 The above video is showing how he write carefully the blessing words on the bear..