Wednesday, 30 November 2011

William Snydrome In Malaysia - Tan Kian Zhoe

History Background in His Health and Academy Records

Kian Zhoe was born in 10 Feb 1998.  He was just get diagnosed on 21st September 2011 as William Syndrome in Malaysia, PPUM by Professor Thong.  He had done both side hernia operations in his 2 months and 5 months old in General Hospital, Malaysia.  He did Cardiology test in Institut Jantung Negara, Malaysia in his 2 months old. The result was not indicate any serious conditions.  In his 3 years old, he was diagnosed as developmentally slow by Dr Rose Peng, Child Psychiatrist and she has referred Kian Zhoe to Professor Ong Lai Choo, PPUM, Malaysia for his dysmorphic features.  However, after the investigation and assessment by Professor Dr Ong Lai Choo, did not indicate any definite congenital conditions.

He was in nursery in his age of 4 and gone through 2 years kindergarten.  At his age of 5, we also put him in the Early Intervention Program in SPICES at Wangsa Maju, Malaysian Care .

We had sent him for 2 occupational therapists, Ms Minnie Tam (3 years old) and Mrs Teo (6 years old).  Around end of 6 years old, we sent him for sensory exercise trainings at Kepong.  We entered him to Khai Chee, Segambut, Kuala Lumpur in his 7 years old. It was last  for 9 months in this school.  Later, we transferred him to Bai Xiao Chinese School (studied in a small group), which currently named Chung Wah SRJK, at Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya.

From May 2008 onwards, we entered him to a homeschool (Lifepap program), started with Grade 1 and he is progressing to Grade 3 now. In May 2011,we started him in St. Paul Church(DTC),Day Training Centre in Petaling Jaya.

Kian Zhoe's First Creature

I was just sent him for clay making class.  In the beginning, he was unable to do and do not get the idea on how to start with.., although teacher explained to him many times.  Teacher's comment was " Kian Zhoe is very positive, good manner and shown interests in learning but he is having problem in his motor skills, so just let him to try for 4 classes and see whether he can improve or not, then to decide to continue." 

Initially, i was struggled and worried about teachers' comments.  On the other hand,  I was felt thankful to his positive and interests in learning.  If he still can't do it after 4 classes, treat as a good try for him.  Thanked God that he has shown his great improvements after his third class...

Here are his First Creature, i would like to share with you.:)

Before he started the class, we actually have a beautiful conversation..

I told him "you are the creature of God and He has made us from the clay, and now you have a chance to create something by using your hands, can you do your best?...He answered very surely to me"Yes! i will"..
His 3 words had made me felt that i must let him try.. and should be grateful if he can't do it because he had promised to me "Yes! I will".

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A Beautiful Moments Between Me and Kian Zhoe

I love my son,Kian Zhoe very much and i knew him unable to do many things if without teaching him ways to begin and end.  He needs many guidance for everything. When i look back his life from now and we actually went through a lot of things and many breakthroughs in his life and my heart is full of appreciation for each of the single moment,we together...

He did this card for Mother's Day 2007 and he wrote "Mummy, i love you very much.  Although it was a simple card,but i was cried when i received it..                              

"Boy, although you may not understand how touching of mummy's heart, any simple things you did are the best for me..Thank you,Kian Zhoe.
"Kian Zhoe, i am now more understand your disabilities and health through the genetic test of William Syndrome.  Although mummy treated you and helped you as a Slow Learner before, whatever mummy had done for you, never been regretted . Thank you for giving me a wonderful times and opportunities for me to try and error to help you. Although we both happened to face the hard times but I believe you can overcome one day..Boy,We are growing up together and you are not matter what happen, I am still proud of you and I love you,you are my bravo and strong boy..God Bless You"

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Little Kian Zhoe's Nursery,Kindergarten and Primary

We knew Kian Zhoe was slowed in leanings and that is the reason we sent him to nursery early 4 years old..Thanked God that we managed to find a nursery whereby the teachers were have patience, love and accepted my son's disabilities as he was and they tried best to help him to overcome.  Especially thanked Ms Wong and Licia on their hard works,..Thumb Up for u both!!

"Bai Xiao" also has given us a big help in Kian Zhoe's primary times..there were full of laughs, tears and sweet memories..Thanked for the headmistress Ms Wong and the teachers "meifen, Shimin,cikgu tan, yifen, jiawei, pihua, luiteng, miaoyin,teacher liew, wendat, teacher zhen, cikgu sim...."  They had did the best to give my son a normal learning childhood and colorful journey in Kian Zhoe's life..Love u guys.

Kian Zhoe was in happy and with the "big smile" always..
He was participated in a singing contest held in the nursery..
"Wow, Kian Zhoe was so brave since nursery time"...

He was in the singing contest plus the birthday celebration in nursery on the same day!..
 Difficult to ask kids to look up to the camera, they were more interested  to the food rather than the picture shooting, finally, Kian Zhoe was looking up in this picture la..Yeah!!
His first year and the first day early morning prepared to go kindergarten with school uniform..
My heart was so touched,warmth,joyous,sweet....

This was the final year (2nd year) in kindergarten, party day..
Full of joys,laughs,loves and plays....
 Can you find Kian Zhoe?  He was standing (look from your left),at the end, first row.  He was in this primary school for only 9 months.  He wasn't reject by the school.  However, he was unable to cope up with the school works and this was the reason we transferred him to Bai Xiao.  It was a good experience for us in this school.  His form teacher was Teacher Lam.  She had helped Kian Zhoe in many ways. Kian Zhoe was actually sitting together with her in the class.  During the time of spelling or test, she was read first to Kian Zhoe then to the class.  Thanked her for so caring to him..God Bless her.
Oh, i have transferred him in Bai Xiao start from this picture. First year in this school.  It was a performance in singing but he was walking around..
He was starting to look for his friends on the stage...

See, again with big smile and his first year Form Teacher, Teacher Ding.  She was a nice teacher to us..
Kian zhoe was at the right end..Form teacher was Teacher Shimin and the Headmistress Ms Wong are in this picture.
This was Kian Zhoe's Class with only 6 students.  Teacher Shimin always helped Kian Zhoe to copy homeworks and simplified his works in order to learn better..
See, they were so happy.  Everyone gave a good pose. Kian Zhoe was showed his finger "V"
This was taken at the SRJK Bai Xiao.  
One of the Kian Zhoe Form Teacher was sitting next to the headmistress (from your right), Teacher meifen, She also always support us and very care for Kian Zhoe.
This was his 9 years old picture, wearing his first glasses. They were celebrating monthly birthday together and Kian Zhoe was waiting for the cake!
This was taken in sport day, Yellow House was cheering for their team!
This was taken when he participated singing competition in Bai Xiao.  Everybody were gave him a big clap on his performance.  He was so brave for it.
 I like this photo very much, see these two little schoolmates,was looking at each other..

These are the drawing cards from his classmates given to him for his last day in Bai Xiao, sometimes i will show these to him and he is still can remember..
This was the compliments and encourage stickers given by his math's teacher LuiTeng..
This was taken in the class for Kian Zhoe's last day.  Teacher Jia Wei was in the picture.  She was a good and gentle and the youngest teacher in Bai Xiao.  The photos with the frame was presented by the Bai Xiao teachers to Kian Zhoe.  It was a very meaningful.  All the pictures of student's faces was framed.  They also given a farewell to Kian Zhoe. 

We were very thankful to all teachers in Bai Xiao
Loves, Cares, encouragements always there, we were like a big family, When Kian Zhoe left, We took some times to adjust it.  
We miss Bai Xiao, We miss all teachers.
"You all had given us the best in Bai Xiao 
and a beautiful school life
Love u all and Proud with u all, God Bless."

Little Kian Zhoe with Papa and Mummy

Little Kian Zhoe and Mummy,look alike??..haha, Kian Zhoe was not border about the cameraman(papa), he just busy watching his tv only..

Little Kian Zhoe was celebrating mother's day with us..He was so happy standing in the middle with Papa and Mummy!

Little Kian Zhoe was in the zoo and so scared of donkey...This was his 2 and a half years old photo. He just started to walk but not steady enough..Papa was standing behind to support him.

This was taken during Hong Leong Family Day when i was still working there..I was 30 years old and Kian Zhoe was around 3 years old..hihihi, we all look very young....

This picture has refreshed a lots of memories when i was in Hong Leong Group Company...miss one of my previous boss Philip Mulhall, wish him all the best,God Bless!!

Were they looking at the same things?  I think so...Papa always carried Kian Zhoe when he was small but now,  no lah..haha, Kian Zhoe is much more bigger and heavier..Sweet Memory in our hearts..Love u, Kian Zhoe.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Little Kian Zhoe's Happy Times

This picture had shown he was so happy that can sit on his own at the toilet bowl.  Before that, we was having a very tough time to stop and change his pattern from wearing pampers. Encouragement and rewards needed. Initially, we monitored his toilet times and guided him to go "wee wee" before the time. If we were outing, we also would get ready plastic bags or empty bottle in order to train him do not "wee wee" on his pants or pampers.  However, it was happen that we need to train again from the beginning after he recovered from sick. In this whole process, we need to be very patience to help him...Great Achievement, Kian Zhoe!

 Kian Zhoe likes to use only left hand since small.  See, this picture, he was playing sands with his left hand.  At home, we also remind and encourage him to use right hand as well,such as train him holding cup with both hands to drink water.  I found he hardly use his left brain and even he is sometimes forget his right hand too..he is very weak in his motor skill and this is the reason why i let him play drum.  He likes sounds and its helping him to use both hands to play music....

4 years old of him always happy with 'big smile'..he was started to attend a nursery during this time.  Its true mummy heart has melted after seen him with the 'big smile' and forget all his naughty things...

Kian Zhoe, you are so awesome, "papa and mummy love u forever......."

My big fish!

Ayoyo.....when mummy said get ready, Frances and Kian Zhoe were sitting so close to standby for me to take them photo, fun time...^^

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Little Kian Zhoe's Early Growth

Kian Zhoe exactly one year old in this picture and it was his birthday taken...

This photo was taken in his 18 months old..He can just stand few second with something to support him at the back..We actually took quite long times to get this picture taken..:)

His 2  years and 10 months old photo and he started to walk 10 steps at one time...a breakthrough for him and a very happy moments to all our family members too..Great, Kian Zhoe! :)

This is his exactly the day of 3 years old..he looks alike with mummy in this picture..:)

One of his characteristic is over friendly to people..This pictures shown he was looking at his friend..

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Little Kian Zhoe Learns To Crawl & Sit

We noticed Kian Zhoe was very slowed in crawling and sitting in the very  beginning age.    We started him step by step. First, move his one hand and a leg up first.  Then push and press his body and let him feel the pressure.  Follow by another side of hand and leg, ie.right hand with left leg and left hand with right leg. Any side will do. Repeat and repeat.. toys with sounds will be his rewards.

After the hard works,  he started to crawl in his age of 1 year old and sit on his own when age 1 and a half year old.  I used to massage his hands and legs whenever i carry him. Just a simple massage only, press his hands, fingers,legs and toes..
My one leg up photo, good pose!

We also use walker to exercise him although he do not know how to start to move his legs in walker.   Just help to move his legs manually forward and backward.  He seemed can walk with walker in this picture, right? I was so desperate that he can play with this walker like the other babies.....

Mummy said "I am very Cool"
I am learning to stand with Papa and Mummy's help..

Why always take photos of me? I wanna to rest!
Yumyum...,my 1 year old birthday cake!
Help me out! I am in the bag...
Yoyoyo, I am playing a cowboy dance for you!
Come near me, i wanna to show u my big face!
Can u see i using spoon to eat!
I am busy reading books!