Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Kian Zhoe Health

We had finally got his result for the Echo(heart) and Kidney result..Thanked God that everything are fine..He has no any William Syndrome problems in his heart and kidney which the doctor(Prof Thong) worried initially..however he has his Kyphosis in his back bone and may need to do a new bracer for him.  We will going to see the doctor again in the month of June..Pray that the new bracer which suggested will support his body structure well..

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Money Concept for Kian Zhoe

The most challenge topic for Kian Zhoe is the money concept.. his logically thinking is not mature enough to use money in practical and i need more patience and ways to help him up..somehow we started this earlier when i found he had mastered in plus and minus in paper..however when come to the real without paper, he can't apply the calculation although just a simple..

I need to brainstorm him in routine in order to help him in this..therefore, i think a way to help him.  Everything he wants to eat, he needs to buy from me at home..,we start it in a basic menu first. I will list down for him to see the price for each food under the menu. Besides that, he also can earn money from me by helping me to do some housework which also under the home program.

Hope this can work for him..^^

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Kian Zhoe is learning to sing "You Are Not Alone"

I think most of you know Kian Zhoe is bravo boy..Yes, he is..he braves to sing and play drum on the stage whenever you ask him to do..

This is the video that i would like to share with you. I am touched with what he sings because the song lyric is in front of me at that moment..i believed he can be improved and sing better..Not easy to sing but he had tried best.  This song is actually sing by our great singer Michael Jackson..

Thursday, 1 March 2012

How to train Kian Zhoe responsible to His works

At the beginning, i make a daily record for his work done in the school..This records is in the table form and i will put on the wall so that he can see his performance whenever he wants..

I give him stickers for his works done and the stickers will be accumulated for the rewards..He likes the games and tv most.. use this as an encouragement.

Slowly the stickers will change to a tick, smiley faces or others..Must be creative to attract his interest and keep changing to encourage him.

Before we start with this records, we actually had an agreement and this agreement must have our signatures on that.

I list all the subjects, the date and  remarks columns..Initially he has difficulty to reach his goal and rewards..Main problem is the Concentration..I knew it is difficult for him but i need to help him to overcome it..In order to help him up, i will set a half page or even one third of the page for him to complete so that he wouldn't give up on his works and built his confident in his subjects.  Slowly, increase the pages base on his ability.

Sometimes, he has his behavior problems such as walking around, talking in the class, go toilet,drink water while the class is on,disturbing others and etc...teacher will give me the feedback on this..from here, i need to talk to him at home..I knew something happened to him must be a reason behind.  He may not understand teacher's instruction, something attract his attention at that moment or not feeling well.  This is the most challenging part to know him better..sometimes our conversation will last for few days just to find out what actually happened and cause him to react like that..Sometimes, i may not know the reasons and answers although i asked him many times.,when reached to this circumstances, i believed he don't know what his wrong although he had did it, so i need to teach from there..

Whatever he did wrong  must give him a chance to do better..always talk to him at night and encourage him can do better tomorrow..remember must acknowledge his good behaviors and keep encourage him continue to do it.

Very thankful that this table of records had last about a year..and now no need to record anymore..Now, he knows what to do, how to do and the rules in the class..In my point of view, although it takes times and starting hard or may not know the end result, but if keep continue to do it, sure can see the improvements of him and the adjustments for us, not only he learns, i am learning as well..learning see things from his hearts and minds..

I always remind him that he needs to responsible to his works and make him alert what will happen if not fulfill his responsible.  Not only that, i must also give him good examples and guides to learn and follow..


Today i feel want to share about Kian Zhoe's teachers...

Kian Zhoe and i deal with many teachers..all teachers which we came across are the precious angels in our life...
I did some mandarin exercises with Kian Zhoe yesterday..he made some mandarin sentences..the beautiful memories suddenly came into my mind..i recalled a few teachers in Bai Xiao which helped us a lot in Kian Zhoe's syllabus. 

Some of them had married and have their own family and kids, some of them still work as teachers, some of them work as other challenging works,..all of them are still in my heart..

They gave tuitions after school and Kian Zhoe is one of them who got a chance for tuition in mathematics and English for free..

When something happen in my life(family), they came to visit and support school, i was not worry about Kian Zhoe's food..There has a uncle or aunty to cook for all the teachers and students..They knew Kian Zhoe thankful to them and the experience we gone through together..

Kian Zhoe was studied in a cabin for his class about 10 students..there was a very good interaction between students/parents and teachers..From there, we know each other well and like a big family..although Kian Zhoe hardly could adapt some of the teachings and activities, but it gave Kian Zhoe a good environment and foundation to grow..

Just a clip of eyes, Kian Zhoe is 14 years old and a teenager now..he is now in ECA Homeschooling..From here, he learns independent and far, he is good in his syllabus..I like this school because parents can work together with the teacher for working out his goal(works) means he needs to learn to be responsible with his works..5 subjects he learns and i will set a goal for him to do (pages he needs to complete in school)..teacher will guide him if he face any problems (teacher will play a role as a facilitator for the subjects)..although he is not achieve as fast as others but he is slow and steady..over here, i would like to thank a special teacher, Sukya for her times, patience and love to Kian Zhoe..

Kian Zhoe has joined ECA since his age 11 years old and he has with Sukya almost 3 years..many things have gone through..although she is no experience in handling WS, but she always brave to accept each challenges and tried best to help us..

When i look back, all the while we had gone through and whatever we are now going on, are the blessings for us and it is really a study path for Kian Zhoe..Keep it up, Kian Zhoe! You are Super Bravo!