Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Father's Day on 17/6/2012

Thanked God that Kian Zhoe has a chance to perform in the Subang Jaya Lifepoint Church on the Father's Day.  He sings in a group.  I just got it last minutes that he requires to wear a long white pants and his teacher, Brian thoughts that Kian Zhoe has a white pants...Luckily, Kian Zhoe's Kai Ma (aunty marney) look for the white pants for him(wearing in the video)...although its big but still look fit and nice with him.  This cute Kian Zhoe also promised to Kai Ma that he will stand and not move around on the stage while perform.  Thanked God that he keeps his promises la...We also thanked Wai Kin, Kian Zhoe's friend who stand beside him on the stage.  He told me that " aunty, don't worry, i will hold Kian Zhoe's hand"..so touching and caring with his words..

He actually perform 3 rounds in different services in the same church..in my video record, he performed the best in the 2nd round.  He was very happy and excited. The Pastor also gave presents to each of the children.  There will be 10 in the singing group.  They sang two songs.  (1.show me the way, 2.amazing grace). They are inspire to all people with their life.  The had tried the best to perform the songs.  They received big claps, shake hands and even the Pastor share about the Intellectually Challenged people also can give good testimony to the world.  It was a touching sharing.  At the end of the services, they were many people came in front to shake hands and encouraged them.  Good experience.  We also thanked Kian Zhoe's Teacher, Brian who teaches them with a heart.