Friday, 7 December 2012

10th Asia Pacific Conference Human Genetics

So grateful that Kian Zhoe has a chance to take part in this big event on 6/12/2012 at Crowne Plaza Mutiara.  They are about 300 genetic doctors from Malaysia as well as from other countries. Before that, this group of children have to be trained and practiced before the actual day.  Ms Anna of MRDS was participated a lot in helping them.  Thanked God for everything going smoothly.

The actual day, Kian Zhoe is having a bad flu and cough.  However, he was really tried his best to perform.  I am very proud of him.  Touched when see him each time i played this video.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Wonderful Award Day..

11/11/2012 was the great award day..a competition for the gospel movies..we took this opportunity to share God's gospel to all over the places..It was a meaningful experience especially we asked our friends in Facebook to watch and LIKE the movie..Nick had a chance to take part in one of the character..he acted as a father..This movie is touching and last for 7 minutes only..I never thought he won the prize for that..he really done his best in it and most of the brothers and sisters said he deserved with this prize..Praised The Lord!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Wa..long time never write anything on my blog..time flies and now is entering to the end of the year..Anyhow, life is still keep going on and changing..It is challenging all the while.  One thing always in my mind is no matter how bad or good of the situation, it will be over..That's why we need to look forward..Always need to be thankful for every single things that we have in our life. 

I am here to share my happiness with my family (Morib Trip)..

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Worship Team in Kepong

Glad to be part of them to serve God together..this Saturday dress code was with excited for that..i purposely wanted to take these photos for my remembrance.  This is only part of the worship team to serve in this Saturday.  Happy to learn with the young people together.  They are fun, cute, naughty and many many more..Sometimes, may find difficult to click with them but just join with my heart..Appreciate the moments can serve together.  God Bless You!

from the left front, janice, meiling, zoey,lifen,darren and the back row raymond and glenn....

a young sis, lifen...

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Father's Day on 17/6/2012

Thanked God that Kian Zhoe has a chance to perform in the Subang Jaya Lifepoint Church on the Father's Day.  He sings in a group.  I just got it last minutes that he requires to wear a long white pants and his teacher, Brian thoughts that Kian Zhoe has a white pants...Luckily, Kian Zhoe's Kai Ma (aunty marney) look for the white pants for him(wearing in the video)...although its big but still look fit and nice with him.  This cute Kian Zhoe also promised to Kai Ma that he will stand and not move around on the stage while perform.  Thanked God that he keeps his promises la...We also thanked Wai Kin, Kian Zhoe's friend who stand beside him on the stage.  He told me that " aunty, don't worry, i will hold Kian Zhoe's hand" touching and caring with his words..

He actually perform 3 rounds in different services in the same my video record, he performed the best in the 2nd round.  He was very happy and excited. The Pastor also gave presents to each of the children.  There will be 10 in the singing group.  They sang two songs.  ( me the way, 2.amazing grace). They are inspire to all people with their life.  The had tried the best to perform the songs.  They received big claps, shake hands and even the Pastor share about the Intellectually Challenged people also can give good testimony to the world.  It was a touching sharing.  At the end of the services, they were many people came in front to shake hands and encouraged them.  Good experience.  We also thanked Kian Zhoe's Teacher, Brian who teaches them with a heart.    

Friday, 25 May 2012

Little Cute Bear Heads

First of all, we would like to thank all your supports on the clay magnets for the Dad's and Mum's Day..We are very appreciated it.. For your information, you all still can continue to order the Bears, Rabbits and hearts as gifts for any functions and parties..Kian Zhoe will write on the clay according to your words given, it is changeable and flexible..Thanked God for that the orders are keep coming in..

To keep you updates, there is a new coming now - Little Cute Bear Heads which is in Red, Pink, Orange and Light Green with different faces' expressions..Below are the sample pictures, price RM2 each..please sms or call me at 0123963989 or message me in Facebook for orders, i will sure respond you as soon as i can..Thank you again and God Bless. : )

Trip with St Paul 21/5 to 23/5/2012

Kian Zhoe was just back from a trip with the St' Paul DTC group.  He went to Starfresh Echo Park in Seremban with the teachers and students.  From the conversation with him, i can understand about what were the things happen in St' Paul.  He said he went out on his own at the midnight to find the toilet for the big business.  Teacher was sleeping at that time and he didn't wake up the teacher at all for helping him to go toilet.  He got up and open the door then he went outside.  He walked slowly down to the staircase and find the toilet.  From his description that he was stomachache and finally he found a toilet which only squat down and no toilet paper.  I believed he cant find it la..  Later on, after the business, he lost his way back to the room.  Thanked God that there was a uncle passed by and brought him back to the room and the teacher woke up and noticed that, the time was at 2am in the morning.  I was so curious who is this uncle? Good uncle? Anything he had done for Kian Zhoe?  Kian Zhoe told me that this uncle was teaching them coloring and painting during the session,english speaking and good uncle.. as what teacher told me that there was a worker brought him back to the room..Wow, such a great experience for him..From here, i must teach him to call teacher whenever he go..A Great Lesson for teacher and students..this time he shared more if compare to last year..

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Kian Zhoe jam slow and fast songs..

 Above is showing how teacher teach him during the lesson...

Today, i would like to share about Kian Zhoe's drum...Thanked God that he has heart to learn although his hand and leg coordination is a challenge for him, sometimes forgot the legs, sometimes remember the legs but again forgot the hands..He is giving a challenge task to the teachers too.. i always review his drum lessons from the video i recorded in my hand phone..

I find out that he is getting better and better..Thank you for Glen and Meiling's for the efforts done for him, no past where got the result now, i am appreciated..You all have made a different in his life! :P

Below is the slow song that he jammed with teacher..

Below is fast song that he jammed with teacher...

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Oders from Supportives

Thank you for the support orders from friends and family members..emm, the business had a good start and we are looking forward for this..

In the process, we also received orders for them to do charities..what a wonderful idea that my son could do this through the supportive..

We will keep going...

This time we will have 13 deals..out of my expectation and it is good..: )

Friday, 13 April 2012

Magnet Clay Artwork for Mother's and Father's day

Kian Zhoe is now doing the magnet clay artwork at home.  These clay magnets are done according to his abilities.  The jobs of mould, paint and write are all done by him.  It is not easy for him actually.  He took quite sometimes to finish one especially the painting and writing portion.  I got to oversee his works one by one.  In the process of doing it, he made a lot of mistakes..such as not enough space for writing the words on the clay, he colors too hard until broke, accidentally draw 3 eyes for the bear and many many more...But we are very excited when jobs done..and he is now more careful in his coloring and writing..

It is suitable for any events, functions or parties for magnet clay artworks.  If you want to make orders, we can contactable at 012-3963989..We are very grateful that currently had received some orders and it is a good motivation and encouragements for him.  If you want to support us in bulks (big quantity), please give us time in advance...

Hey!  It is a good news for all that we are doing an introduction price for this time because we want to bless more families with this..RM2 for small bear and RM3 for big bear..We guarantee you can't find as good price as this.. roll, mould, paint, write are all done by his hand one by one..fully an handmade products, no machine and no spray paints for that..for the chemical clear spray and glue sticking portion, mummy will be involved.

Not only that, he also encouraging me as well because of his willingness and participative of doing it.. i am thinking to come out some ideas that can suit him based on his abilities for other household decoration things by using the clay too...will give you updates all the times if there is any new designs/products come out from him...,we believed God will make a way for him!:)
Kian Zhoe is happy with his handmade cute little bears,rabbits and hearts...
This is a big bear...RM3 each

Small Brown bears and rabbits...RM2 each

Yellow bears, rabbits and hearts...

white bears, rabbits and hearts...
There are 30 bears,rabbits and hearts are in packing now which had ordered by somebody..we still can do another 30 more, please make order to support KZ Clay Artwork and keep one for your collection..before i forgot, you can visit his video and photos of the process at the Home Program for Kian Zhoe in this blog as well..thank you.:)

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Kian Zhoe drum class...

Kian Zhoe likes any music and songs..he likes the dung li huo che the most..if you happen to sit with us in car, he sure will on the dung li huo che's cd to listen all the times..Frankly speaking, i am not like the singer because it is so rock..but he likes it..

Meiling, a new drum teacher for Kian Zhoe also realize that he can plays drum well with fast songs. Below is the video showing how she is patiently teaching and carrying him along during the lesson..She is an angel as well in Kian Zhoe's life..i'm very understand that teaching special child a skill to play drum is not easy at all...we as a parent are really solute her..We know that she loves Kian Zhoe, a special child..We give u both big big claps!:)

Monday, 2 April 2012

Making A Picture Magnet...

These few days Kian Zhoe and i were making some bear magnets..It's a very fun time for us ^^...

We are very enjoy from the process that we bought the paper clay, colors and some stationery needed to prepare until the finished products..
At first, i have an idea of this for making a gift for A Special Family(friend) that we loved very much...during the making process, Kian Zhoe is happy to prepare all those.  He involved in moulding, coloring and writing..Almost all are done by him.  I am very satisfied when i see all those cute bears done by him and actually he can do it.  It is a simple, nice and have his own character.,especially his handwriting for the encouraging words..

From this clay making, i learn and understand on how to make him better to do this independently..One of the problems i came across is, his hand eye coordination is not so good like the normal children which can twist and turn to color especially to color the bottom side of the bear..after so many trials and errors, finally a lower chair can able to solve his problem and help him better to finish the product on his own..:)

Besides that, i also bought many brands of paper clay for him to try it because some are too soft and hard for him,..and this make him difficult to mould..finally one of the brand can suit hm well..
Kian Zhoe is making the bear from the mould..
He is pressing hard the mould to get the nice bear out..

The bear is successful making and he is taking out slowly..

Wait until the bear dry for one day, the next day, he is starting to color the bear..

 The above video is showing how he write carefully the blessing words on the bear..

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Kian Zhoe Health

We had finally got his result for the Echo(heart) and Kidney result..Thanked God that everything are fine..He has no any William Syndrome problems in his heart and kidney which the doctor(Prof Thong) worried initially..however he has his Kyphosis in his back bone and may need to do a new bracer for him.  We will going to see the doctor again in the month of June..Pray that the new bracer which suggested will support his body structure well..

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Money Concept for Kian Zhoe

The most challenge topic for Kian Zhoe is the money concept.. his logically thinking is not mature enough to use money in practical and i need more patience and ways to help him up..somehow we started this earlier when i found he had mastered in plus and minus in paper..however when come to the real without paper, he can't apply the calculation although just a simple..

I need to brainstorm him in routine in order to help him in this..therefore, i think a way to help him.  Everything he wants to eat, he needs to buy from me at home..,we start it in a basic menu first. I will list down for him to see the price for each food under the menu. Besides that, he also can earn money from me by helping me to do some housework which also under the home program.

Hope this can work for him..^^

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Kian Zhoe is learning to sing "You Are Not Alone"

I think most of you know Kian Zhoe is bravo boy..Yes, he is..he braves to sing and play drum on the stage whenever you ask him to do..

This is the video that i would like to share with you. I am touched with what he sings because the song lyric is in front of me at that moment..i believed he can be improved and sing better..Not easy to sing but he had tried best.  This song is actually sing by our great singer Michael Jackson..

Thursday, 1 March 2012

How to train Kian Zhoe responsible to His works

At the beginning, i make a daily record for his work done in the school..This records is in the table form and i will put on the wall so that he can see his performance whenever he wants..

I give him stickers for his works done and the stickers will be accumulated for the rewards..He likes the games and tv most.. use this as an encouragement.

Slowly the stickers will change to a tick, smiley faces or others..Must be creative to attract his interest and keep changing to encourage him.

Before we start with this records, we actually had an agreement and this agreement must have our signatures on that.

I list all the subjects, the date and  remarks columns..Initially he has difficulty to reach his goal and rewards..Main problem is the Concentration..I knew it is difficult for him but i need to help him to overcome it..In order to help him up, i will set a half page or even one third of the page for him to complete so that he wouldn't give up on his works and built his confident in his subjects.  Slowly, increase the pages base on his ability.

Sometimes, he has his behavior problems such as walking around, talking in the class, go toilet,drink water while the class is on,disturbing others and etc...teacher will give me the feedback on this..from here, i need to talk to him at home..I knew something happened to him must be a reason behind.  He may not understand teacher's instruction, something attract his attention at that moment or not feeling well.  This is the most challenging part to know him better..sometimes our conversation will last for few days just to find out what actually happened and cause him to react like that..Sometimes, i may not know the reasons and answers although i asked him many times.,when reached to this circumstances, i believed he don't know what his wrong although he had did it, so i need to teach from there..

Whatever he did wrong  must give him a chance to do better..always talk to him at night and encourage him can do better tomorrow..remember must acknowledge his good behaviors and keep encourage him continue to do it.

Very thankful that this table of records had last about a year..and now no need to record anymore..Now, he knows what to do, how to do and the rules in the class..In my point of view, although it takes times and starting hard or may not know the end result, but if keep continue to do it, sure can see the improvements of him and the adjustments for us, not only he learns, i am learning as well..learning see things from his hearts and minds..

I always remind him that he needs to responsible to his works and make him alert what will happen if not fulfill his responsible.  Not only that, i must also give him good examples and guides to learn and follow..


Today i feel want to share about Kian Zhoe's teachers...

Kian Zhoe and i deal with many teachers..all teachers which we came across are the precious angels in our life...
I did some mandarin exercises with Kian Zhoe yesterday..he made some mandarin sentences..the beautiful memories suddenly came into my mind..i recalled a few teachers in Bai Xiao which helped us a lot in Kian Zhoe's syllabus. 

Some of them had married and have their own family and kids, some of them still work as teachers, some of them work as other challenging works,..all of them are still in my heart..

They gave tuitions after school and Kian Zhoe is one of them who got a chance for tuition in mathematics and English for free..

When something happen in my life(family), they came to visit and support school, i was not worry about Kian Zhoe's food..There has a uncle or aunty to cook for all the teachers and students..They knew Kian Zhoe thankful to them and the experience we gone through together..

Kian Zhoe was studied in a cabin for his class about 10 students..there was a very good interaction between students/parents and teachers..From there, we know each other well and like a big family..although Kian Zhoe hardly could adapt some of the teachings and activities, but it gave Kian Zhoe a good environment and foundation to grow..

Just a clip of eyes, Kian Zhoe is 14 years old and a teenager now..he is now in ECA Homeschooling..From here, he learns independent and far, he is good in his syllabus..I like this school because parents can work together with the teacher for working out his goal(works) means he needs to learn to be responsible with his works..5 subjects he learns and i will set a goal for him to do (pages he needs to complete in school)..teacher will guide him if he face any problems (teacher will play a role as a facilitator for the subjects)..although he is not achieve as fast as others but he is slow and steady..over here, i would like to thank a special teacher, Sukya for her times, patience and love to Kian Zhoe..

Kian Zhoe has joined ECA since his age 11 years old and he has with Sukya almost 3 years..many things have gone through..although she is no experience in handling WS, but she always brave to accept each challenges and tried best to help us..

When i look back, all the while we had gone through and whatever we are now going on, are the blessings for us and it is really a study path for Kian Zhoe..Keep it up, Kian Zhoe! You are Super Bravo!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Heaven's Very Special Child

A meeting was held quite far from earth,"its time for another birth."
Said the angels to the Lord above, "This special child will need much love."

His progress may seem very slow.  Accomplishments he may not show.
And he'll require much extra care, From the folks he meets down there.

He may not run or laugh or play.  His thoughts may seem quite far away.
In many ways he wouldn't adapt, and he will be known as "Handicapped."

So let's be careful where he's sent.  We want his life to be content.
Please, Lord, find the parents who, will do a special job for you.

They will not realize right way, The leading role they're asked to play.
But with this child sent from above, Comes stronger faith and richer love.

And soon they'll know the privilege given, in caring for this gift from Heaven.
Their precious charge, so meek and mild, is Heaven's Very Special Child.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

William Syndrome - different age of learning for Kian Zhoe

Questions and worries of me when Kian Zhoe was small...Although my heart is full of the worries,but still need to think of some sources to help him.  During that time, i don't know what is William Syndrome and Kian Zhoe was not get diagnose. Thanked God be with us to go through all stages..

Can he sit?
Can he walk?
Can he talk?
Can he eat himself?
Can he write?
Can he read?
Can he count?
Can he brush his teeth on his own?
Can he comb?
Can he wear and change his clothes and pants?
Can he bath?

He can sit at age 1
He can walk at age 3
He can start to say words at age 4-5
He can hold spoon and eat independently at age 4 plus.
He can write and read at age 6.  Read is better.  Memory is good to recognised words fast.
He can start to do simple add and minus when age 10. 
He can start brush his teeth independently at age 9.  Before that, still need to guide.
He can start comb his hair at age 7.
He can do all his changing independently when his age 12.
He can bath on his own when his age 13. 

Kian Zhoe's age now is 14 and he has to go through another levels of learning...

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine Day..

It's a Surprise for me!
Today is Valentine Day...Valentine advertisements that Kian Zhoe hear from radio and see from television, he asked me what is valentine day? I explained that valentine day is a special day with a special person.  He asked me who is my special person?  I answered him "papa, mummy and God".  God loves you all the times although Papa and mummy are not around..Then he said mummy is still young and around ya..i knew what he meant..

Monday, 13 February 2012

Blur Blur Kian Zhoe

Today is a hot day.  Morning sun was so bright and Kian Zhoe just closed his eye while in the car to school.  Some more there was a car broke down and stopped by the road side.  This has caught us jam and late to school.  When reached to school, everybody was sitting in a round circle.  Supposed he got to put his lunch box in the kitchen but he put his bag in the kitchen.  I observed what will he do next.  I think after the 10 seconds, he realized it and put the lunch box again to the kitchen instead of his school bag.  Teacher also lead him to say sorry because of late to school.  I think he felt nervous with it..bless him for this whole day, Keep up Kian Zhoe!!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Cooking Class


Today, Kian Zhoe and i have made a pumpkin desert..I kept him to help me in this.  Press and Stir that he involved.  He also involved in washing as well.  At first he rejected to do and told me that he wanted to watch movie..finally he also did this with me..

I told him will give him stars to reward him.  

1 star - need to improve
2 stars - satisfied
3 stars - very good

Today : 11/2/2012