Friday, 25 May 2012

Trip with St Paul 21/5 to 23/5/2012

Kian Zhoe was just back from a trip with the St' Paul DTC group.  He went to Starfresh Echo Park in Seremban with the teachers and students.  From the conversation with him, i can understand about what were the things happen in St' Paul.  He said he went out on his own at the midnight to find the toilet for the big business.  Teacher was sleeping at that time and he didn't wake up the teacher at all for helping him to go toilet.  He got up and open the door then he went outside.  He walked slowly down to the staircase and find the toilet.  From his description that he was stomachache and finally he found a toilet which only squat down and no toilet paper.  I believed he cant find it la..  Later on, after the business, he lost his way back to the room.  Thanked God that there was a uncle passed by and brought him back to the room and the teacher woke up and noticed that, the time was at 2am in the morning.  I was so curious who is this uncle? Good uncle? Anything he had done for Kian Zhoe?  Kian Zhoe told me that this uncle was teaching them coloring and painting during the session,english speaking and good uncle.. as what teacher told me that there was a worker brought him back to the room..Wow, such a great experience for him..From here, i must teach him to call teacher whenever he go..A Great Lesson for teacher and students..this time he shared more if compare to last year..

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