Monday, 30 January 2012

Kian Zhoe with Lion, Dragon,Papa and Mummy 2012

The 7th day of Chinese New Year..This is Bintang Royale, Petaling Jaya. There was a lion and dragon dance.  Below are the video clips..:)

After the shows, we went to One-Utama for a walk and took some photos.  So long, we didn't go for shopping and this is the best time for us to feel and enjoy the Happy Moments..
Kian Zhoe is harvesting.. with these two mandarin oranges given by lion..
This photo was taken by Kian Zhoe

 Dragon of 2012

My boy is smart looking!

Chinese New Year Family Dinner

This is the 5th day of Chinese New Year..We had an open house and Nick's family members were invited for dinner. We cooked herb chicken, Soup and prawn for them and of course the Lou Yee Sang for appetizer.  See, all full of blessings and rejoice after the dinner.

Kian Zhoe and Ausven played fireworks too. Nick, Meng and Darren were back to the childhood too.  They played even more.  This is the only photo i took coz camera's battery was low. I forgot to charge the battery for this big and busy day.  I will remember to recharge it for next year.:)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Eat durian and the Punishment.......

11/1/2012 (Night)

Papa brought durian after his works......
At night, Kian Zhoe was naughty(not listen) and being punished to stay inside the room with no television...

I always treat and teach him as normal as i can and punish him if he did wrong especially not admit his wrong, show temper and all kinds of behavioral problems.

So, i suggested to Papa that we can eat first and pack some for him to eat tomorrow.  However, Papa was not agree.  He said this is the happy moments for him to be with us and we should eat durian tomorrow wait after his punishment.

Suddenly i felt Nick is really great and care for Kian Zhoe...he always think ahead before and of course,he enjoys the moments with Kian Zhoe very much too..i believed Kian Zhoe should be very proud with Papa although he do not know how to express himself the feelings and Papa also proud and care with him..

As for Kian Zhoe, i think he feels the Loves are around him although was being punished at night la.....^~^

Is this a vase or pencil holder?^~^


Kian Zhoe has attended his clay making class for about 2 months.......I was thinking to make a clay products with him AT HOME.  Then we the beginning, he said he wants to make a vase..and i prepared the clay for him to roll..He rolled and and made all the shapes.  I only helping him to building up a stand or foundation for the vase..All the rolls and snails were done by him....^^

Finally we had looks like a pencil holder rather than a vase..Although it was not really a vase but we satisfied with it.

This was the first products we did it together........

Here is the pencil holder which we just fresh finished without putting any colors and burn it..

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Outing to Bentong


...Bentong eat durian...

We followed the family of Uncle Young up to Bentong..its was a fellowship and gathering with brothers and sisters..

The place is actually a church, whereby there have durian farm, bek bek farm,quak quak farm, chick chick farm and fish was a happy time for kids to explore to this place full of green grass, plants and animals..Kids like the nature of world.......

bek bek farm

quak quak farm

Green plant - cilies

visiting bek bek farm

Two ultramen here!

Just nice! family photo....
Kian Zhoe is happy everywhere and everytime!
Kian Zhoe and his cousin.......
Kian Zhoe is walking here and there.......

Marney, Kian Zhoe and i, oh no.kian zhoe is too excited.......

Mrs Chew and Kian Zhoe

Uncle Delon so handsome.....

Oh no...papa! what are u doing?.....

New Year, New life,New breakthrough

On 31/12/2011

Kian Zhoe and i was looking at the last page of calendar.......i recalled the last year and even the previous years ago, we did the same thing for the last day of the year.  However he wasn't know anything..This year 2011, he started to understand about TIME... 

Again and again, i told him that he will grow bigger and mummy will grow older...told him his age in 2012 (14 years old)..i told him all about the routine of life.. born, grow, old and die..he started to worry by his expression when he heard 'die'.  He said "mummy don't die, mummy don't die, mummy still need to bring me to school next week" 

I was touched and happy when i heard this..because he started to know about the routine of life compare to the previous years ago and he worried about if i am not around with him..but i am still sad also because i cant accompany him for his whole life..he is still need to face his life..

I will do whatever to help him for his life with no regrets..........
Wish he will have more understandings and breakthroughs in 2012!