Thursday, 15 November 2012

Wonderful Award Day..

11/11/2012 was the great award day..a competition for the gospel movies..we took this opportunity to share God's gospel to all over the places..It was a meaningful experience especially we asked our friends in Facebook to watch and LIKE the movie..Nick had a chance to take part in one of the character..he acted as a father..This movie is touching and last for 7 minutes only..I never thought he won the prize for that..he really done his best in it and most of the brothers and sisters said he deserved with this prize..Praised The Lord!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Wa..long time never write anything on my blog..time flies and now is entering to the end of the year..Anyhow, life is still keep going on and changing..It is challenging all the while.  One thing always in my mind is no matter how bad or good of the situation, it will be over..That's why we need to look forward..Always need to be thankful for every single things that we have in our life. 

I am here to share my happiness with my family (Morib Trip)..